360 Istanbul has one of the best taste’s Istanbul has to offer with our spin off of the traditional Turkish cuisine and 360 Istanbul’s international flare. Our menu features (((Fun))) cuisine and therefore lends itself very well with the Turkish sequence of service. 
 Starting with Mezes (appetizers) made especially for sharing with your table partners. These exquisite morsels have been 
 carefully selected and sectioned into Veggie, Sushi, Crisp Pastries, Fish & Shellfish, Salads and Soups. 
 Next, our main courses are presented in a selection of Vegetable, Pasta & Pizza, Meat & Poultry and Fish specialties from our charcoal grill or slow cooked. Many of the main courses are our original recipes again mixing Turkish and international influences coupled with an ingeniously engineered and extensive wine menu, you can rest assure that we will have the perfect combination of wine and dish to achieve a gastronomic orgasm. 
 Last but not least, is our infamous desserts which are presented in our original bar book, which range from assortment of mouth-watering sorbets and original pastries, to our climatic “Death by Chocolate, Popcorn Creme Brule & Chocolate Orgazm ” dish to squarely end the meal. To see our menu, please click here!